School Bus Rental

Your children’s safety, comfort, and convenience are our highest priority. Here at New Way Charter Bus Montgomery, we offer the best service when it comes to school bus rental. You might be planning for educational trips, out-of-town travel for your high school or college students; we are the best choice for your charter needs. You can easily contact us and will take you to your destination.

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What We Can Offer

We know how you really care for your children. We understand how safety can be a big deal to parents. We exactly recognize that when you book with us that will entirely mean you trust us. That is why here at New Way Charter Bus Montgomery, we highly value your trust. We make sure that we are always reliable and trustworthy. We live with it. It’s our mission and purpose. And when you need sports team bus rental, we can help!

Any Place, Any Time

We have buses that can accommodate a small and big group of students. We have seats that have enough room for students, staff members, and professors. Whether it can be for a short trip or a long trip, everyone will definitely enjoy their travel on our buses. For small groups, renting our minibuses and charters are convenient and practical. Students can travel together while enjoying amazing views.

We Are Reliable

We offer only the best and well-maintained charters and buses for the safety of your students.  They will absolutely arrive safely at their destinations. If you are looking for the best and reliable bus service, we are the best choice for you. We have highly-trained staff and drivers that will assist your students during your trip. We also value your time that is why we make sure that our buses will be there on time and punctual for your event. Safety, reliability and high-quality service just for you.

Value for Money

We offer the best price and great value on our charter services.  Our prices range on different travel packages. We know your concern. We understand how you want to get the best value out of your money. We have packages on charter buses, minibus and shuttle services. Just let us know the date and destination and we will give the best rental services tailored fit to your needs. We are far more concern about the value we can give rather than the money we can get. That is why here at New Way Charter Bus Montgomery, most of our customers recommended our services to their friends and relatives and they became repeat clients. We highly generate our impressions on word-of-mouth because of the value of the services they experience.

What are you waiting for? Kindly send us a message by email, chat or call us. You can also go directly to our office so we can give you a tour of our buses. Please book us in advance for a large group and long trips. We are usually in high demand, especially during the holidays. But we are happy to accommodate all and accept your reservations.

Corporate Bus Rental

Leaving the premises of your company can be a great opportunity to increase the productivity of your employees. Outdoors meetings, conferences, and team building activities represent a fun learning opportunity. Your staff will be able to bond, share ideas and learn from each other.

But in order to make sure that your employees are having a good time, feeling active and ready to work, you need to make sure that you are hiring a reliable charter bus company. New Way Charter Bus Montgomery is what you need if you are looking for reliable and timely transportation in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Be on Time:

Punctuality is essential for the success of any business. When you are planning to take your employees outside the office, you want to make sure that they will always be on time. New Way Charter Bus hires experienced drivers who will drive you wherever you need to go. Your employees are going to be on time for fun and business activities that can add to them on the personal and professional levels. All you have to do is to call us and book our services. Our drivers will be waiting to get you wherever you need to go.

Customized Services:

We understand that every business has its different needs. Once you contact us, you will be able to talk to our representative. He or she will offer customized solutions to transport any group. We offer charter buses that accommodate more than 50 people comfortably. We also offer minibuses that accommodate smaller groups.

Our buses are well-maintained and will arrive ready for your employees. Don’t worry if you have an emergency arrangement. It usually takes us a few hours to dispatch a bus that will transport your employees wherever they need to go. After they are done with their business meeting, you can even ask our driver to give your staff a tour of the place or city they are visiting.

Our drivers will arrive ahead of time, giving your staff the opportunity to settle and get comfortable. You can rest assured knowing that your employees are always in good hands.

We Understand What You Need:

In addition to the impressive safety features, our buses offer extra amenities that will guarantee the comfort of everyone on board. Your employees can enjoy:

  • Cushioned and reclined seats. Every person will be able to enjoy a comfortable ride even if they have to travel a long distance. The seats can be reclined to relieve the pressure off the back and shoulders.
  • Luggage compartments. Your employees will be able to store their valuables and laptops for easy access during the trip.
  • Free Wi-Fi. Our passengers will be able to check their emails, social media accounts and play some online games before reaching their destination.
  • We want to make sure that our passengers are enjoying the best entertainment on board.

Whether you need to transport a few employees to the airport, or planning a fun activity for the whole department, you can always depend on us. Contact us today and ask about our available services and amenities. We are proud to serve you.

Wedding Bus Rental

Your wedding day is a special occasion that means so much to you and your loved ones. Here at New Way Charter Bus Montgomery, we know how to make everything goes well. Contact the best charter bus company in Montgomery, Alabama and guarantee safe and reliable transportation on your wedding day.

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Our mission is to help wedding planners and couples plan the best transportation on their wedding day. This involves transporting guests from and to the airport or the venue, transporting wedding supplies and decorations and transporting your wedding band.

All you have to do is to contact us and tell us what you have in mind. We offer safe and comfortable charter buses that can accommodate more than 50 passengers. We also offer practical minibuses that can guarantee the comfort of a small group. Talk to our representative today and they will suggest the best option that can work on your special occasion.

Everyone is Going to Have a Great Time:

We know how stressful planning a wedding ceremony can be. This is why we can gladly handle all the transportation on your special day. We offer personalized services that cater to your needs.

It is a great chance to have your out-of-state guests. Don’t worry about picking them from the airport on your wedding day. You can contact our company today and a reliable driver will be waiting for your guests upon arrival. Your family and friends will appreciate the nice gesture and they will know that you haven’t forgotten about them on the most special day of your life.

A Day that Everyone will Remember:

It is time to celebrate love and new beginnings. Your guests won’t have to skip drinks or having fun because a reliable driver will be able to drive them back home safely. Moreover, they will love to have someone to drive them to the wedding reception after the ceremony.

Plan Your Day the Way you Want it:

Now, you can have the wedding band you’ve always wanted at your wedding ceremony. Our buses and minibuses operate in most of the major cities and can transport the band members safely to the destination of your choice. Moreover, there is enough space to store the band’s instruments and belongings so that they are ready to participate in the most special event of your life.

Luxury is Guaranteed:

We want to give you the best experience on your wedding day. Our charter buses are equipped with the latest safety features so you can have a great time on board. Moreover, we offer extra amenities that everyone will enjoy:

  • Reclined seats with extra cushioning to guarantee that you will feel comfortable upon arrival at your destination.
  • Climate-controlled cabin so you don’t have to worry about the weather.
  • Free Wi-Fi. Your guests and everyone on board will be able to use their smartphones comfortably.
  • LCDs and DVDs. We offer the latest entertainment technology so that no one will get bored while traveling on a long trip.

Safety transportation is only one click away. Contact us today and we can make it happen.

Sports Team Bus Rental

Top of the line transportation bus for your sports team

Do you have the best team yet you have no idea how to transport them from one game to another? Look no further! The New Way Charter Bus Montgomery has an amazing and top of the line sports team bus rental.

Featuring a remarkable accommodation along with lots of perks, your sports team can sit back and relax as they condition their mind for the game and as they finish a long, exhausting and tiring match.

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Premium and comfortable seats

Athletes are very mobile and tend to live busy lives. For once in their lives, they can relax and effectively condition themselves as they lounge in premium and comfortable seats to and from the game. The seats also feature different options for them to further relax according to their preferences.

One big, happy family

With our buses specially tailored to your needs, not only the team can enjoy its various exciting perks. Family, friends and schoolmates may also come and lounge inside the bus as they support the athletes. We have various premium buses with different sizes that can accommodate either a small or big team.

Amenities overload

Passengers can enjoy all the amenities inside the bus including a wide screen television set, high speed fiber WiFi, delicious food and refreshments, a beautiful restroom complete with a hot and cold shower, seats that can be transformed into beds and many others. If you prefer something more sophisticated, check out our corporate bus rentals.

Less hassle, more bustle

With a highly mobile premium bus and a learned and sufficiently trained drivers, the team may tailor their own itinerary as they please. Our drivers are knowledgeable about the various takes and turns around the city. The team may enjoy dinner right after the game along a wide selection of restaurants and food districts or any other destination.

Sizeable storage

Coaches and team players don’t have to worry about heavy and gigantic sports and training equipment. With the bus’ sizeable internal storage, the equipment will be well taken care of and any damage will surely be avoided.

Personalized care packages

Inside our premium buses, your team will surely be treated as kings and queens with our personalized care packages tailored to the needs of the athletes. Each bag is furnished with towels, extra clothing, energy drinks, mini first aids kits and other personalized essentials.

The New Way Charter Bus Montgomery is a trusted company when it comes to sports team bus rentals. We have served various sports team all over the years and they have nothing but good words for our carefully thought of and well executed services. We aim to give our clients the best experience together with our well-trained staff and service crew.

No one should ever have to worry about the team’s transportation to and from the game and everyone should instead focus on the game plan and further discussions on regarding the game.

We are here to help you in your transportation troubles and give you the most remarkable game experience!