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Do not fret on which charter bus company to take on your trips, New Way Charter Bus Montgomery is the reliable one that ensures comfort, luxury, and style. There is always a luxurious charter bus waiting for you in any events you need it—name it, a wedding event, corporate events, sports event, school field trip, family outing, or any other trips you want. Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange and choose a charter bus that suits your event and the number of people. There are motor coaches and buses available for you to choose from that matches your sense of style and convenience.

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The New Way Charter Bus Montgomery offers…

Wedding Charter Bus Rental

A special day for every couples! We are excited as you are, we do not want you to be late or get lost on the way to your reception on your special day! New Way Charter Bus can help you get all of your guests intact from the church or wedding venue to the wedding reception venue. Do not get stressed on your wedding day. Book now and let us wedding plans perfect and according to schedule. We promise. This will be hassle-free!

Sports Team Charter Bus Rental

New Way Charter Bus gives their all-out support for the teams! If you are in need for a bus rental for the team to bring home the bacon, or to provide a support to your favorite team, we can provide you with what you need—a reliable, luxurious charter bus that provides great comfort. Do not hesitate to book with us, we perfectly have all your needs. You do not need to worry about the team’s baggage, equipment or gears, there is extra room for storage. There will be no worries. Focus on winning, and leave the transportation to us!

Corporate Charter Bus Rental

There are no travel destinations that are not on our reach. A stylish, comfortable, luxurious charter buses will cater you and your group to your business events. New Way Charter Bus knows that time is an important matter in business, thus, unnecessary delays and stops are avoided during the trip. We assure you that you will be on time on your events. But, you must first relax and enjoy the road on your trip. Keep up with the news, follow up on your business emails, or finish your presentations comfortably on a reclining seat during the trip to your travel destinations.

School Bus Rental

A reliable and comfortable charter bus rental for your school event or field trip? No worries, New Way Charter Bus offers a relaxing school-related travel. The passengers will undoubtedly enjoy the entertainment in the buses, TV monitors and a Wi-Fi on-board will make them entertained aside from the road view. More than that, a reclining cushioned seats and armrests helps them travel with ease. There is an on-board restroom to avoid unnecessary delays and pit stops, especially when you are tight on schedules.

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